Since 1999, the City of Stockton has annually reduced its budget for tree care.  Recent tree management and care can best be described as laissez faire, and at worst as haphazard and neglectful.  As a result of the City's recent bankruptcy, little or no attention has been paid to the maintenance of street trees.

    The responsibility for tree management has been shifted from Department to Department and now is assigned the Public Works Department.   Unfortunately, the current budget has only funds for minimal tree maintenance and current City policies seem not to recognition of the value of Stockton's urban forest.

    The Mission of the Stockton Tree Foundation is to protect, preserve, and enhance the urban forest, both on private and public lands within the Community.  This includes both City and County lands.

    The vision of the Tree Foundation is to bring together experts from various "environmental" fields to assist the City, County,   other Public Agencies, utility companies, and property owners with proper the selection and maintenance of trees within the Community.

    The Board of Directors of the Stockton Tree Foundation includes individuals with backgrounds in Landscape Architecture, Arboriculture, Biology, Ornamental Horticulture, Planning, Environmental Science as well as members from the community at large.


Ver. 1/15/15