Following is the City's current policy on mistletoe control:

Mistletoe should be removed by removing the entire branch whenever possible.  Work should be done by an experienced licensed professional tree trimming company that has an Arborist on staff. 

If removal by trimming is not feasible, mistletoe can be spot controlled by a professional by using Super D WeedOne foam or it can be controlled by the homeowner by routinely knocking off the infestations as they reappear; obviously this is not a reasonably effective method except for small trees.

The City Of Stockton's Mistletoe removal program, like other routine tree trimming activities, is not funded at this time.
No permit is required for tree trimming or trimming to remove mistletoe.
The Arbor Day Foundation is a great resource for people:
Here is a link to the Arbor Day Foundation / Tree City USA free bulletins:



    No Street Tree may be removed without the approval of the City.  Contact the City's Street Tree Division for their arborist to inspect the tree.  If he determines that the tree can be removed you will then need to get a no-fee permit from the City before having any work done to street trees.

   After street tree(s) have been removed,  you will need to plant new trees at your expense.  The property owner is responsible for replacing one tree for every tree removed. The size and Species of new trees that are planted must be as specified by the City.

    Also, any tree service company working within the public right of way to remove a Street Tree must be Licensed by the State of California and be insured, see below.



    Any tree service company working within the public right of way must be Licensed by the State of California (D-40, Tree Service Contractor) and carry PL & PD insurance as well as workman's compensation insurance.

    A permit must be secured from the City of Stockton for any work done to City Street trees, removal or pruning.

    It is recommended that tree companies have a Certified Arborist on staff.   You can check to see if a company has a certified arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture web site at the following link:     Verify an ISA Certification

Tree service companies that have done work directly for the City of Stockton and have a good track record are:

Davis Tree Service  3206 East Fremont Street, Stockton, CA 95205-3919, (209) 465-8770

Evergreen Tree Service 1220 Shadow Creek Drive, Stockton, CA 95209, (209) 933-0480

West Coast Arborist is who the City usually uses but they Are very expensive for small jobs...50 trees minimum.

Valley Tree Service, 809 Holly Dr, Lodi, CA 95240 , (209) 327-5534

The City Street Tree Supervisor (Bob Fuson, or designated representative) should spot check a few trees as they move along.


The Stockton Tree Foundation neither endorses or recommends any tree companies mentioned herein.


Ver. 10/28/14